Ideas 73
You and solely you my beloved

Are life embodied!

Here I sit undone, amidst broken shards, Elsewhere you exist also incomplete

Engulfed in darkness, it is your light I seek!

You spirits essence imprinted on my heart

I repeatedly taste this sweet, anguished hardship

As the changing seasons pass 

Yet our bond ever-strong takes root

You remain aloof, distant

A triumphant, uncontrollable fire stirs up within 


Your eyes touched me so lightly, I’m infatuated

Your shadows embody the grief of longing

When will this wild whirlwind fall still?

Your light fills my eyes

You are all the sweetness of living

And you touch my soul as a whisper

Of infinite possibilities

Your eyes soften in silence

And I become entangled in your truth

Unable to extricate my wits

Desire urges me on

My pain begins to comprehend its own purpose

That save you, there is no peace

End this bittersweet agony my beloved

Come let me drown my body in your soul


Ⓒ 2015 Dr. Taslima Begum, United Kingdom

Please do not use without authors/owners permission.

“If only you Knew”…

Darkness 2

“If only you knew…”

At the threshold of doom;

Pitiless indifference

An eternity here; til I forget my name even

A tormenting abyss of deafening silence

My crouched form hunched over; statuesque, defeated

Gazing unblinkingly into dark dormant waters


Right before my tiresome eyes

Four words emerge in the pool… I blink and refocus in quiet disbelief

“If you only knew…”

Echo returning narcissus’ whisper

After millennia

“If only you knew…”

My soul responds, heart swelling in pure transcendent ecstasy;

It rises; soars through a boundless blue suddenly unchained
From a bottomless pit of futility, despair, guarded stoically by the infinite curse of unrequited affection…

No promise, nor expectation; A simple truth albeit

In a distant plane, our kindred souls dance and entwine, unmarred, not requiring mortal utterances, uncaring of corporeal laws; un-selfed;

Time and space dissolve as the stark vulnerable truth lays bare,

Admission, awe, affirmation

A heart un-tangled to be joyously re-tangled, in its certainty against the tyranny of speculation

The sheer elixir of truth; of presence; of love unchained and glorious in its brutal honesty

Beyond a future or past; it lives in presence, it cures the malaise,

And seals the union


Based on a real life story….

Ⓒ 2015 Dr. Taslima Begum, United Kingdom

Please do not use without authors/owners permission.


Window to the Soul

Ideas 148Last night a friend said I should write. So this morning I woke up and wrote this. It’s not the best as I haven’t written in decades…more a work in progress and not really a poem at all, more prose. Practice may help so I plan to rework it and keep writing…!
Window to the Soul 

There is a soul.
When we meet, our eyes magnetise in synchronicity.
To all the world and our own conscious minds
These transitory encounters; fleeting interactions
Appear as grey and dull as the pelting rain
The banality of our outward niceties,
Our self-conscious discourse, is bathed in purity
Erstwhile our eyes they drink in each others souls
With such profound intensity. Barely visible.
In the depths of the abyss we go deep-sea diving for pearls
An eternity lapses in a fleeting gaze
His irises swell to draw in the radiance of my aura,
Whilst barren branches of my mind blossom like springtime
A temporary portal for the unconscious exchange of energies
Blue and green intermingling
From the moment we fixate, til we disengage
We quench the unquenchable, drinking life itself
As if each were banished and wandering parched for eons
In a bone-dry desert
Then this spring gurgled up giving momentary relief
Promise of life unembraceable 
Our souls dormant but our mouths mechanical,
Monotonously omitting vacuous, banal words
And as the grey speaking subsides
Decorum dictates The serenity of turning away
Masks firmly on, never slip
Oft times I ponder if he too intuits
…This unknown knowing
This strange subconscious pull
Away from the beaten track we’ve trodden religiously each day
This otherworldliness
This spiritual pull that transcends all corporeal notions of lust, matter and physicality
Spirits once cast from the same material now estranged, torn asunder,
Scattered across Earth with its seven earthly veils manifest

Vocally we sleep-walk onwards in our drudgery 

Whilst on another plane our soul flames now in cautious recognition  
dance, flicker, entwine playfully
Flames lit from the same lamp of Divine mercy
A bygone place time forgot
That field of pre-existence wherein spirits freely frolicked
Resounding peals of laughter
Unbounded by the chains of manmade  shackles,

Transcending all conceivable limitations of time and space

Yet the ever tempting secret fruits,
The deep promise of all life and discovery
Lays dormant yet to be roused by a souls whisper,
A tsunami of power sits beneath superficiality

Intangible and ineffable 

This subconscious tirade; this fearful, uncertain, joyous, illogical soul connection
That defies the normalcies of this fleetingly mundane life

That defies the masks we wear daily

I take oath not to delve too deep to awaken it.
As callous life scars have tuitioned me
That pain cripples when the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune
Can render such profound awakenings,
Such divine unions asunder if partook on mortal ground
You see, sometimes even warriors need rest
And though my old battle wounds may heal
As a palimpsest they’ll remain searingly stark to inner eyes
So I sit paralysed, subdued in my self-forged prison
Blinded to how the door lays wide open
Yet here I sit and sit in darkness 
With my mask firmly in place
Pandora’s box remains tightly closed.
And with it, all hope.
Ⓒ 2016 Dr. Taslima Begum, United Kingdom. Please do not use without authors/owners permission.

Your Face

Ideas 85Your Face
I swear, since seeing Your face,
the whole world is fraud and fantasy
The garden is bewildered as to what is leaf or blossom.
The distracted birds can’t distinguish the birdseed from the snare.
A house of love with no limits,
a presence more beautiful than venus or the moon,
a beauty whose image fills the mirror of the heart.
– Rumi

Spirituality and the Divine

Darkness 3


If despair is the only way
To bring me back to my knees
Open to Your effects
Then this melancholy
Is my favorite place to be.
“Don’t seal off the wound,”
said Rumi,
“It’s where the light enters you.”
And I believe that.
For when the chanting high and charms of this life
To its true, lonely place
And I am left empty
Remembering You
And the tears well-up with the memories they cling to
The sorrow weighs heavy in my chest,
I steer my canoe through this bog,
Gliding through trees
Provoked by a dark, shallow water
I wait for the light to direct me
I hope to remain here
Until You’ll have me again.

– Brooke VanBuskirk

Love’s Secret


Ideas 270Love’s Secret

Love has nothing to do with
the five senses and the six directions:
its goal is only to experience
the attraction exerted by the Beloved.

Afterwards, perhaps, permission
will come from God:
the secrets that ought to be told with be told
with an eloquence nearer to the understanding
that these subtle confusing allusions.

The secret is partner with none
but the knower of the secret:
in the skeptic’s ear
the secret is no secret at all.

– Rumi


When I speak to people I notice their mind circuitry at the expense of noticing anything about their outward appearance. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing sometimes. I often bring together ppl who have similar mind circuitry and alignment in thinking or processing thoughts who are doused with a high level of EQ and they connect on a level most ppl do not. These people are rare to find. The truth is most people are waiting for a gap in the conversation so they can say what they’ve been planning to say all along without questioning their own thoughts and beliefs or being open to them being challenged. Actual two-way conversations are quite hard to find and it took me a long time to learn to converse rather than orate at people. I think it’s something many people never get around to doing in any depth. People with high EQ cannot function on a superficial level for long. They look for deeper connections in the tsunami of modern triviality.




“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.

It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

– Mary Oliver

Being forced to know darkness can allow us to fully appreciate the light when it breaks through. By getting truly acquainted with sorrow and loss we begin to fully appreciate the true joy of laughter and life. The greater the depth of darkness and sorrow we’ve faced the more our capacity of rejoicing when the direct opposite comes.

Always remember, no matter the number of demons that haunt you, at the bottom of Pandora’s box lay hope…