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Hello World 🙂

I hope you are all keeping well?

I’m Taslima and welcome to my personal Blog where you will find all manner of my musings and internal ramblings on life which I have finally allowed to splurge out onto a wider, digital platform upon the encouragement of friends and family who think I should inflict it on others and not just them! Here you will find a collection of notes, poetry and musings by me and images, poetry and wisdom collected from others that were particularly poignant to me and my life indispersed within blog updates. 🙂

There are a few recurring themes on topics which I have a particular interest in and passion for. Please note that the ideas, experiences and thoughts on my posts are all my own (unless otherwise stated) and not representative of any institution, organisation, external body or individual. Images, unless otherwise stated, are not my own however. I am happy to hear from you should you want to get in touch using the contact section.

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