Every day kindness

We should genuinely compliment each other more. I truly believe this. I try to practise it regularly – even when I’m feeling shy and introverted. I met someone years ago who would praise people’s specific attributes wherever we went and it inspired me to want to be more like that. He saw the intrinsic beauty within others and I was awestruck with this quality. It felt like watching someone with a superpower. He would connect with others deeply, hug homeless ppl we went past and was such a profound giver that once he even gave away his jacket and shoes so I had to drive him home. I saw sad and broken ppl visibly blossom in front of him at his words and affable manner. It made their day. It’s wonderful to see how ppls faces light up when you point out something that’s genuinely great about them which they weren’t aware of.

A decade ago when I was a student a complete stranger did this with me and I never forgot. He’d been queuing, bought his coffee to go, then approached to say he just needed to tell me how it was like he was watching a beautiful painting with me sat there in the coffee shop feet up, holding my pen, deep in thought, pensively looking into space with the sun streaming in and silhouetting me from behind. I was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen and he just needed to tell me that. He told me this so matter of factly then turned and abruptly left. Didn’t want anything, not even a thanks! (Though I was sat there embarrassed and introverting madly) It confounded my cynical, assumptions of flattery and men and initial suspicion that he’d go on to ask for my number thereby undo the selflessness of the comment…lol. He didn’t. He asked for nothing, just left. It stuck in my memory as a selfless act, a giving without expecting and I promised myself I too would be kind and giving like that even to total strangers. If I see something that I loved or admired in another I would state it. So in reality he gave me more than just a compliment. He gave me an insight into a different way of being in this world. The innate confidence to help others see the best in themselves. To have the insight to see beyond the superficial layers people often present to us and find the downtrodden and oppressed who need such everyday kindness and someone to actually ‘see’ them. So go forth and shower your kindness, zest for life and love of humanity on others without expecting any recompense. You never know, at some dark point of their life they may think bk at your fleeting kindness….and it might still make their day xx

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