Fall Silent

Ideas 68

When I look upon you

Language abandons all sense

Logic deserts its post

Words fail me

I am beguiled

When I look upon you

Mind and matter dissolve to nothingness

My being peruses the realms of pre-existence

Seeking, searching for our untenable bond

Were you to ask, I would retell

I was born the day you arrived

My book of existence abundant with blank pages afore

And unwritten thereafter

Now you’ve begun to sleep in my eyes

As this invisible thread from my wrist to yours

Spans the line of the equator

Telling the story of infinity

Measuring time unmeasured

When I look into your fathomless eyes

My soul sinks into your depths

Disappearing in reflections

I am baptised



A sweet reunion

I await patiently

For your core to shake

And your love to wake

And meet me in those deep waters

To teach me to  therein, 

To grieve

As my love’s intensity today

Denotes my grief’s intensity tomorrow

My retreat from you stabs me a hundred times

Yet I fear moreso the day it will be painful

To not be stabbed

Linguists and grammarians fall mute

Pages repel ink

As all intellect falls prey to loves glory

Silence to be the only language

Yet despite the universe conspiring

To bring me right to you

You remain aslumber

Unfamiliar to such tongues


Ⓒ May 2017 Dr. Taslima Begum, United Kingdom

Please do not use or reproduce without authors/owners written permission.






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