My Eager life and Death

Ideas 98

My Eager Life and Death

Friend, write my name

in the temple of your mind

with love, in secret care.

A song is ringing in my heart,

learn how to play its beat

with the dance bells on your feet.

Retain in the courtyard of your palace,

in endearing caress

my noisy bird.

Remember, friend, to hold

in your bracelet of gold

the friendship thread

that comes from my wrist.

Pick with forgetfulness a flower from my creeper

and place it on your coiffure.

A dot of vermilion, auspicious,

wear that to decorate your forehead

in my fond remembrance.

The enchantment of my mind,

let its sweetness be spread

and mix with your body-scent

as you wrap it around.

Beloved, in your incomparable glory

receive in utter conquest

my eager life and death.


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